Parent's Guide

The professional staff at West Shield know that this can be a difficult and confusing time for parents and guardians. It is our goal to provide you with the information and resources which will help make this process much more comfortable for you from the very beginning.

The following steps and procedures will insure a safe and efficient transport process for all involved. We understand that each transport needs to be approached on a unique and individual basis, but these procedures provide the foundation and framework for our transports.

Before the Transport

  • For transports outside of the United States, a valid passport is mandatory.
  • Please take the time to fill out our transport intake form on the “contact us” section of the website.Please be sure to fill in all requested information about your child, including interests and hobbies. We use this information to match your child with the best possible agent for him or her and to help us deal with situations as they arise during the transport.
  • We only allow one (1) carry-on bag for your child during transport. Anything else you have for your child can be sent directly to the program or school they will be attending. Not only is this essential for safety reasons, but it will also ensure that our focus is 100% on your child rather than on checked baggage. We encourage you to only pack essential items for your child’s first few days of the program.
  • Upon your first call to the office, please inform our office administrators of any weapons in the home that could be used to cause harm. We ask that you do your best to remove these items before the transport.
  • Our office personnel will work with parents to decide the best time and date for the transport. Keep in mind that it is ideal to come during late night hours at home while the child is asleep. We need to ensure that the environment of the pickup must is both safe and secure for your child.
  • You are welcome to write a letter for your child to read during the transport. This will allow you to say much more than you are able to during the pickup and can give your child a sense of comfort and closure.

Pickup and Transport

  • Our agents will call as soon as they arrive at your home during the designated time. Please have your cell phone on vibrate and nearby so that it does not wake your child but you do not miss the call.
  • Parents will meet our agents at the front door where they will once again go over the expectations at this time. Please make sure that all prescription medication is given to the agents with clear instructions.If you decided to write your child a letter to read during the transport, please remember to give it to one of the agents before waking up your child.
  • You will be asked to go into your child’s room and wake them up. Please introduce our agents and explain that we are there to escort them to a new school. Give them your love and then please leave the area. We have found that this greatly minimized the acting our and manipulation from the adolescent.
  • Our agents will spend time with your child, explaining the process and reassuring them during this difficult time. We know that this can be a fearful and anxious time for the adolescent and we do not rush the process, giving our agents ample time to calm your child down and talk them through what is happening.
  • All snacks and meals will be taken care of. Please be sure to tell the agent if your child has any allergies. This information will be asked and noted during the initial intake, but it is always helpful to give this information directly to the transport agent.
  • Do not send any money, credit cards or cell phone with your child.
  • We ask that you do not call the agents during the transport process. This can be a strong distraction and hindrance to your child. Our agents will keep your updated with any changes to the itinerary. You will be notified when the child is safely on the plane and again when your child is safely at the program. For any questions during this time, please call the office directly.
  • Agents will hand over all personal belongings and medications to the school staff and call you when they have safely arrived. It is during this time that you can ask how your child did and get an update of the transport.